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SILVER NITRATE ~ AgNO3 ~ ACS fine crystals at 99.9% purity

50.0 g  Silver Nitrate $69.00
125.0 g  Silver Nitrate $139.00
1lb / 455g  Silver Nitrate $409.00
1Kg / 1000g  Silver Nitrate $869.00

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Fine Silver Metal Clay *MCP4*

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125.0g  Silver Oxide powder $249.00
1lb / 455g  Silver Oxide powder $729.00
50.0 g High Density Silver powder $79.00
50.0 g Low Density Silver powder $79.00
1lb / 455g HD Silver powder $749.00


All products are laboratory made to provide the highest quality in purity and consistency. 
All products will ship sealed in resistant containers. Custom sizes available too. 
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Note: SilverNitrate and other silver contents are considered a commodity based chemical reagent.  The price is largely based upon the intrinsic value of silver.  Our prices may move up or down depending on long term market trend. Silver Price chart courtesy of

* most items are shipped within 72 hrs/ Larger quantities may be shipped at different times in order to comply with federal transport regulations. Most orders will ship with email confirmation via US Postal Service. Only products of silver powder and MCP silver clay may be shipped internationally. Click the MAP above to add $32 for expedited international shipping service.   See our FAQs page. This page and prices may be updated several times a week.

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